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Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

First off, full disclosure. My own Instagram is not constantly growing. Sometimes I lose more followers than I gain! However, after 5 years of straight growth, I do know what it takes to grow an Instagram account! The number one thing it takes is A LOT OF WORK! It requires a lot of time and a lot of effort. These days I am guilty of occasionally pushing my Instagram account to the back of my priority list. Nevertheless I have years of success at growing my account. This is what I think it takes for you to grow yours!

Start Treating It Like It Is Your Job

1) ALWAYS Stay On Brand. Thanks to the algorithm and a flooded market, the only way you will grow your account is if you have are consistently “on brand.” You need to be “The Crazy Cat lady.” “The Adventurous World Traveling Couple” “The Down To Earth Teen” “The Guy and His Giant Dog” “The Colorful Minimalist” “The Funny Mom” You get the idea. You need to pick a theme that is near and dear to you because it will become your online persona. This holds true no matter who you are - from Coca Cola to a beauty blogger.. Pick your brand and stick with it in your captions AND stick with it in your imagery. Ask yourself “Is this On-Brand?” each time you’re about to post.

2) Post Great Photos. Your photos need to be really really good. Not in the sense that they’re perfectly curated and photoshopped to look like a catalog ad. Think of it this way if you want to be an influencer that brands hire, you need to make images that brands will want to use. You need to inspire people to hire you! If you are a brand trying to grow - remember that Instagram is Image-based. Hire a photographer if your own photography doesn’t match the image you envision. It will pay off.

2) Work Work Work: An hour in the morning, a half hour in the afternoon and another half hour in the evening. Spend all of it on the app. Instead of inefficiently checking your Insta account throughout the day - use designated times to open the app and interact. Keep it shut the rest of the day. If this sounds awful to you - then I suggest looking into something other than Instagram!

3) What To Do On The APP:

1) First go through your entire feed, “like” all the like-worthy photos (hopefully they all are!) and dish out comments on the photos that move you. You should receive likes and comments back as you grow this community. And you should make friends! If you are not, then perhaps you need to “socialize” in a new area of the app. Be sure to only follow an amount of people that you can comfortably interact with. If you cannot go through your entire feed then I suggest you unfollow some people until it is a more manageable number. (I have a private account where I follow feeds like the British Royal Family, the local baseball team, etc. I check it a few times a week.)

2) Next, research hashtags. Find the ones that are on brand. Choose a could of the top ones and a few of the mid-range ones. Go through them and “like and comment” on the photos that move you. It is likely you will eventually meet more like-minded folks and grow your community. Use these hashtags in your postings.

3) Then go in to the geo-tagged locations that fit your brand. People who are at a nearby store, gym, bar, etc. Future customers. Be genuine and comment when you are inspired.

4) Follow at least 10 large accounts in your field. I like to travel so I follow my state’s tourism account. I follow my city’s tourism account. I follow some of the locals with large accounts who travel and take great photos. I follow a few national travel accounts too. I interact with all of these accounts. The algorithm knows this and will suggest my account when one of these accounts is followed. That is added exposure for me. These large accounts will share my work on occasion.

Promote Your Instagram On Other Channels: Try to get in to the media. Write blogs on your favorite topics and send them to the media. Promote your photos on your other social