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How I Became An Influencer


(This is my story. If you’re looking for tips on How to Become an Influencer, Click here!)

A Bit of Background

I had already worked in Advertising for nearly a decade before picking up my first iPhone.

That advertising and sales background has greatly helped me navigate through this new career.

It has been a truly fascinating experience. There has been no one to guide me. No manual to read. No pathway to follow. I am an original “Instagram Influencer.”

How did you become an Instagram Influencer?

I’ve been on the app for a long time now. I became an “Influencer” only about 6-12 months after I started my account.


“Suggested User” Instagram twice designated me as a “Suggested User.” Most likely because I was incredibly active in my local community. At that time their motto was “Community First” and they were looking for community organizers. I had been organizing local meet-ups like a full time job!

Being a “Suggested User” meant that Instagram sent new users who had just signed up for the app straight to my page! In a few weeks it had funneled tens of thousands of users to my account.

Sadly Instagram stopped creating “Suggested Users” a few years ago. In fact, the second time I was “suggested” was the very last time they had a SU list.

“Mass Exposure” Another huge factor is that Instagram has shared my work with their millions of followers on 5 separate occasions! That means everyone who follows @Instagram saw my work! Each time they shared my work, my account would grow by the thousands!!

How do you get Instagram to share your work?

There’s no magic formula and there’s no person you have to know. I have had my work shared because I participated in Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project (WHP) challenge. And I did a good job. This challenge is my jam and exactly the type of work that I love to do. Just for fun!

On Fridays Instagram announces a challenge like “Rainbows” or “Water” or “Mystery” and users have the weekend to create imagery or videos in that theme. Then users upload their work to their Instagram feeds and add the “WHP hashtag.” That’s it!

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In addition to the actions of Instagram, I have also worked very hard to grow my account through community, media and more. See “Ways to Grow Your Instagram account” for more ideas!