How Can I Become An Influencer?

I will get in to this more in the future (like WHY do you want to be an influencer anyways?) but here are some quick tips:

Be Tight: Pick a small & tight niche that you really really love. Make it good because once you grow, you can’t change it! Always stay on brand.

Be Active: Go on social media every day and give give give. Do not hover! If you see it - like it! Don’t just fly by. Give compliments with your heart. Show your personality. This builds community and engagement - and you’ll make some great friends!

Be True: It is 2019 and I think we’ve reached another turning point on Instagram and social media in general. We’ve seen the perfectly curated Instagram accounts long enough. We’re tired of fake and we are craving real. Your photo doesn’t need to be perfect anymore. It needs to tell a story. Your story. Not your thinly veiled sales pitch. Not a story that isn’t yours either. Don’t write to be heard. Write because you have something inside of you that you really feel passionate about and you want to share!

Get Seen: In order to grow you need to have your work be seen exponentially. You need it to be shared. Collaborate. Work with people in your industry. Make posts and photos that they find invaluable and they want to share. Find partners. Work with other influencers, media, big brands. Create stories for them. These folks do not want to share an advertisement. They want to share a story that connects with people. Give them that story. If you are a creative, participate in the WHP!

Don’t Get Duped: Don’t buy in to the fake growth. Don’t buy likes or followers. Instagram has already said that it will keep accounts that do that more hidden from organic reach. And DO NOT TRUST any experts who aren’t showing growth themselves. There are so many “influencer experts” who cannot seem to grow their own accounts! If you’re looking for advice get it from people with a successful record!