How do you get Instagram to share your work?

How do you get Instagram to share your work?


How do you get Instagram to share your work?

You need to “WIN THE WHP!”

There’s no magic formula and there’s no person you have to know.

I have had my work shared on 5 separate occasions because I participated in Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project (WHP) challenge.

And I did a good job. This challenge is my jam and exactly the type of work that I love to do. Just for fun!

On Fridays Instagram announces a challenge like “Rainbows” or “Water” or “Mystery” and users have the weekend to create imagery or videos in that theme. Then users upload their work to their Instagram feeds and add the “WHP hashtag.” That’s it!

This is really the best way to have your work seen by millions of people.

Each time my work was shared, I gained thousands of followers in a day!

A Few “WHP” Pointers:

  • Share your work towards the end of the weekend. Like on Sunday night or Monday morning. Since thousands share their photos, yours is going to be buried if you share it too early.

  • Don’t share old work. Create something new! I can’t say this officially but I am pretty sure that algorithm knows when it is old. And so do your friends and followers.

  • Put some thought into your creation! Like go for a walk without distractions and really take some time to think. I usually ask myself “what imagery do you first think of?” The answer is what most people will post. Think past that! What are some other ways to share the theme that are a little more complicated, funny or unique?

  • Let your personality shine through. Have fun & be a little silly!



I can’t promise you that you will win but I can promise you that you will learn a lot!

For people who love being creative and/or want to grow their Instagram!

Open to all levels of photographers!

100% Discreet. This is a private tutorial.

This is one of my MOST FAVORITE ways to teach the

process of creative photography!!