I can’t promise you that you will win but I can promise you that you will learn a lot!

SADLY THIS EXPERIENCE IS ON HOLD AS THE WHP CHALLENGE HAS NOT MADE AN APPEARANCE IN SEVERAL WEEKS. If it is reinstated there is currently a waitlist for this service. I love the WHP & I hope it is brought back!
— Jill

About six months ago a client that I had been privately teaching came up with this very unique idea!

We were always looking for fun ways to learn the creative process. (It is not as easy as people think!)

I was skeptical at first.. but it turned out to be an AMAZING experience!

This is great for people who love being creative and/or want to grow their Instagram the natural way!

I believe that the Instagram WHP is one of the best ways to get exposure on a global level!

I know. I have experienced it FIVE times.

Open to all levels of photographers!

100% Discreet. This is a private tutorial.

The Process:

Friday: We will start with a brief (20 minute) conference call after the WHP is announced. We will have an initial brainstorm session and come up with some basic ideas and direction. I will have looked over your photography & I will have a good understanding of your style and skills before we talk.

Saturday: Plan to talk to me for 30-60 minutes on Saturday morning. This is the most important part of the entire weekend. We will get to the nitty gritty where we come up with your “story” and a concrete way to portray the story. By the end we will have 2-3 solid photo ideas and a plan for you to shoot them. We will talk about all the aspects of the photos. Props, locations, lighting, perspective, subject, story, composition, even the mood! We will share sketches, examples, whatever it takes until we feel we have it nailed down. I love love love this part of the process!

After our call I will send you a worksheet that will work as your guide while you shoot.

Sunday: On Sunday night you will share your images with me via text or email. I will evaluate the photos. If I feel you need more help, we can definitely do a mutual edit over the phone. We will have a back-and-forth for a maximum of one hour until we have settled on at least one strong WHP candidate. Then we will review the weekend and the creative process. Do your photos look like our ideas? Did you stay on task?

Remember, Instagram is not about perfectly curated + error-free photos anymore!

It is about the story you tell!

… and that part we will have figured out by Saturday morning.

win the whp with jill emmer

I believe that even if you do not win you will finish the weekend feeling like you understand the work flow and process behind making highly creative photos.

It will probably surprise you a bit!

For more, click here to read:

Here are a few tips on entering the WHP to get you started!

This is 100% discreet. I will not take credit for your work and I will not share that I am working with you.

Cost: $350

I require payment in advance and this service is not available every weekend.

This is one of my MOST FAVORITE ways to teach the

process of creative photography!!