In The Press: Live On The Radio! MyTalk 107.1 fm with Ali Kaplan

I feel like I am always remarking to my husband that I can't believe all of the stuff going on in our lives these days! It seems like one blessing always leads to another. When my husband and I first started dating we used to marvel (in that romantic, dreamy fresh love way) about how it truly felt like the "world conspires to help those in search of their destiny."


And sure enough it feels like that now.  

I met Ali Kaplan when the Mall of America seated my friend Rita and I in the front row of their amazing Project Runway fashion show as part of their Art & Style Series. (Click here to read the blog post I wrote about it.)

Ali sat right next to us and was so kind and fun. She is the Style Editor at Minneapolis - St Paul Magazine. She also has a radio show on MyTalk 107.1 fm with her mom Harmony.

During the MOA fashion show Rita & I chatted with her. She introduced us a bit to the "in's and out's" of a fashion show. We told her about our Instagram community and Minnstameets. Ali is definitely one of those people you meet who you instantly like and feel like you know. (No wonder they hired her to do radio, right?) We had fun!

A week or so later I received an email from Ali asking if I would be a guest on her radio show, ShopTalk on MyTalk 107.1 fm. I obliged. So on Saturday morning I met her and her mom at Herbergers at Southdale.

photo by Hope Slusar of 107.1

photo by Hope Slusar of 107.1


Truly, I was not that nervous. Like I said, Ali is a very warm & charismatic person & her mom is the exact same way. They made me feel at ease. 

They asked me about myself. My inspirations, habits, photography equipment, gigs and more. They also asked about printing iPhone photos & I mentioned I had written this article just recently. It was an easy conversation that went by quickly.

It was a true honor to have a chance to hang out with Ali & Harmony on air. My husband and kids cheered when I walked in the door to our home after the interview.Those stinkers had been huddled on our bed next to the clock-radio listening to the interview! The boys were so excited that I had mentioned them. I also had a bunch of texts and emails and messages from family and friends.

Today I stopped at a client's house to drop off some art and the little boy said "I heard you on the radio yesterday!" Once again, what a small world!

Thanks so much Ali + Harmony and MyTalk 107.1 for having me!! It was a pleasure!





What a great few weeks!



If you look at my family from a distance, you'd probably think we have been fairly miserable. Two of us just wrapped up having strep throat, the other two had bad colds, my husband has had a lot of business travel, and the weather has been pretty darn dreary and cold.



However... it has been a couple of really great weeks! It seems when you're having fun and plodding along you don't seem to notice those "set-backs" as much as you might!  After the strep throat battle ended, we resumed going on lots of outdoor activities. Arlo and I are in a "mom and me" downhill ski class. We have visited the aquarium and the art museum. We went to a play called "Fancy Nancy!" We went to the library. We have had play dates and dinner dates and all sorts of fun. January is not so bad!


And here are some more professional-ish updates: 


I have been working hard on learning Photoshop and I have been enjoying playing around with it! I am taking a class by Joel Robison that I just love.


I won the grand prize and a new drone from a photo contest on It is so cool and it has a "FPV" controller that blows my mind! It is almost like a virtual reality way to fly it! I will certainly post more on that later!



I also received Honorable Mention in the People category of the Mobile Photography Awards! It is a gigantic honor!


This week I also met with the heads of Marketing at two local malls: Southdale Center and Galleria Edina to discuss two really big future projects with Art of Edina! We have some really great programs coming up! 


And finally this is the first weekend of the Art Shanty Projects! I am so honored to be working as their official photographer again this year! I can't wait to see what they come up with this year. I have a date with a friend to head out there on Saturday.


Hope you are well and finding ways to have fun this time of year!