The Snow Series

Hello! We have been enjoying life in our new town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. (Although we greatly miss our friends back in Minneapolis of course!) 

We are just wrapping up a kitchen remodel which is one of the final areas that we are updating! I’ve been working on this house for almost 9 months now!

My dad and I hung the upper cabinets today. Once we finish those - we just need some shelves, a backsplash and hopefully  the electrician will be back to put in the light fixtures!

I do hope to share some blog posts about our home once it is all cleaned up and finished! I love before & after photos so I can’t wait to share mine!

I’ve been happy to have more time for photos now that the house projects are slowing down. I’ve been popping over to the local parks to play in the snow. I think I will just keep doing that as much as I can before it melts!   


All photos taken on my iPhone Xr and/or drone - the DJI Mavic Pro.