A 5k Like No Other!

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I've run a lot of races.  Some had more meaning than others... As a family we run a costumed 5k every year for Halloween...  Goldie and the three bears, Super Mario Kart family, skunk family, Santa with Elf and Jovie, etc. That's a pretty monumental day in our home. 

I once ran a half marathon with a big sign pinned to my back dedicating my run to my recently-passed grandfather with his photo. I thought of Grandpa Cy, the family patriarch, the entire way. I'll never forget that one either.

I have a feeling this 5k I am about to witness in Uganda will also be at the top of this list.  

Refugees living in the Nakivale settlement hope to raise money for their hobbies & interests... a women's basketball team is running the 5k for first aid kits, acrobats are running for mats and juggling equipment, and school teachers are running for basic sports equipment. There are more than 40 teams signed up to run. They're also organizing the race.

I love that they're running to raise money for their passions... because really, once you have the major necessities like shelter, water, etc - isn't that what life is really about? The enjoyment of it. Making your day worth something to you. Making happy memories with those you love.

This is a group of people who have escaped nightmares like war, persecution, rape, etc. What a testiment to the strength of the human spirit.. to see they have again found their passions in arts, music, soccer, basketball, etc. 

I am honored to be a part of it and help them share their stories! 

You can read about the various teams and donate to the ones that you'd like to support here: