The Diary of a Traveling Umbrella: Hannah Argyle

This interview is a part of a new series that highlights the story of the Traveling Umbrella. Each project participant is mailed the Traveling Umbrella and asked to keep it for about a week. They use it as a photography prop before they mail it on to the next person on the waiting list. Learn more at:


Participant: Hannah Argyle

Location: Northampton, England

Find her on Instagram: hannahargyle

Interviewed by: Rachel Fergus

“I really wanted to take the umbrella to places that showed we were in England,” Hannah wrote. When I went to her instagram page the rustic interiors and the scenic exteriors mystified me. The Traveling Umbrella was unquestionably in England. Many of the photos Hannah took of the ‘brella included her two sons, “For me the great thing about it was it was the school holidays for most of the time I had the umbrella so I got a rare chance to go out with both my kids and have some fun…” 


Aside from the joy of going on adventures with her two children, Hannah’s favorite thing about the umbrella “was being a part of such a fun project which I had literally been seeing all over Instagram in recent months!” Even though Hannah said she felt pressure because of the amazing photos that had already been created with the umbrella, she enjoyed the adventure. 


“I think having the umbrella confirmed my love for the Instagram community, and the incredible creativity if the people who use the app”. Because of her love for the ‘brella and the insta community, Hannah has a few ideas of how to create an even stronger community: “I think one thing that would be really nice would be to encourage Instagrammers to meet up together with the umbrella like they did in Milano! Sometimes people need a little nudge to introduce themselves to each other. Also perhaps a little notebook to travel with [the ‘brella] would be nice so people can leave messages about where that particular umbrella has been”. 


“ I definitely had some great interactions with others involved in the project, from comments and chats on one another’s photos, to group messages arranging for [the brella] to be passed on and even a very brief meeting with the lovely Elaine @sunflowerof21…”