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Hello. My Name Is Jill and I AM AN ARTIST.


Whew. It took me a *really* long time to feel comfortable saying that!

I didn’t got to art school. I’ve never taken a photography class.

You can read my crazy back story here if you like!

Regardless, the truth is that

I LOVE to create whimsical imagery!

I like to toe-the-line between realism and surrealism.

I enjoy creating photos that look real with apps and software

and I enjoy taking photos that look surreal with a variety of props and unique locations.


I have a limited amount of art for sale in my ART SHOP. I hope to add more art someday soon. (I think I need an assistant.) Click here to shop.


In 2014, I started a project on Instagram by mailing my beloved photography prop - a rainbow umbrella - to a fellow photographer friend.

Soon after, more and more friends requested the umbrella. 

Five years later the umbrella has become insta-famous!


I have created an online ART GALLERY of some of my favorite photos. Click here to visit.


I get asked a lot about what type of camera I use. I wrote about my GEAR here.


You can read a bit about where my work has been PUBLISHED and displayed here.


My most recent photos can be found on my INSTAGRAM: @shineonyoucraydiamond

Thank you!