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Midwestern Family Bucket List

Milwaukee Family Bucket List

Jill grew up in Wisconsin but the rest of the family is just settling in to our new state…

The Summer of 2019 is all about sharing some of Jill’s favorite childhood adventures with her boys - and discovering new places too!

Art of Edina

Art of Edina

I am the Director of Art of Edina. We place community art in public spaces. This summer 2019 we are working on two large projects. Art of Edina is funded by Tradition Companies.



Apple iPhone XR

I am very honored to be

working with Apple!

Their PR department has sent me the latest iPhone to test out, create imagery and explore iPhonePhotography. I hope to write some articles for them as well.

A dream come true for this iPhonePhotographer!

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The Umbrella That Traveled The World

What started out as a loan to a friend, has become a unique art project linking artists from around the world.

In the past 4 years my insta-famous rainbow umbrella has visited a multitude of countries and cities like Malaysia, Australia, London, Rome, Ireland, New York, LA, Philly, Chicago and more.


That 70’s

Mod Home

For the past year my dad and I have been working on fixing up my family’s new-to-us 1970’s mod home. The days spent with my dad are some of my favorite parts of the past year. I am so grateful that we moved back to Wisconsin! Now my parents live a mile away! We’ve had a lot of fun! I love before-and-after’s & I plan to share a few of my own. The house started with moldy pink carpets, pink toilets, super busy granite, oversized appliances and more…

(coming Fall 2019)

Fall 2019

The Phone Mom

Articles. Lessons. Links.

iPhone photography. App reviews.

InfluencerLab. Cool gadgets.

Internet safety for kids.

Midwestern Values in a High Tech World.

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Photographer with a Story

To Tell

I have been sent “on assigment” to some truly amazing destinations like a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, skiing in Denver, hot air ballooning in South Dakota, a refugee settlement in Uganda, a post-hurricane relief trip with a prestigious architectural magazine in Puerto Rico and so much more!

Projects of the past:


The Shine On Project

I am so proud of this project! In four months (and with the help of so many good people!) I raised over $14,000 to bring solar powered light to refugees living in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

Visiting Uganda

Visiting the Nakivale Refugee Settlement

Traveled to Uganda with the American Refugee Committee with the goal of sharing the stories of the refugees AND running a 5k with them in their settlement on World Refugee Day.



Together with my partner, we organized photo-centric get togethers & art shows for Minnesota's Instagram community called Minnstameets. We held events with the Minnesota Twins, Mall of America, the Star Tribune, the Walker Art Museum, MIA, Explore Minnesota and many other great local organizations!