World Conspiracy

I feel like I am always remarking to my husband that I can't believe all of the stuff going on in our lives these days! It seems like one blessing always leads to another. When my husband and I first started dating we used to marvel (in that romantic, dreamy fresh love way) about how it truly felt like the "world conspires to help those in search of their destiny."


And sure enough it feels like that now.  

I met Ali Kaplan when the Mall of America seated my friend Rita and I in the front row of their amazing Project Runway fashion show as part of their Art & Style Series. (Click here to read the blog post I wrote about it.)

Ali sat right next to us and was so kind and fun. She is the Style Editor at Minneapolis - St Paul Magazine. She also has a radio show on MyTalk 107.1 fm with her mom Harmony.

During the MOA fashion show Rita & I chatted with her. She introduced us a bit to the "in's and out's" of a fashion show. We told her about our Instagram community and Minnstameets. Ali is definitely one of those people you meet who you instantly like and feel like you know. (No wonder they hired her to do radio, right?) We had fun!

A week or so later I received an email from Ali asking if I would be a guest on her radio show, ShopTalk on MyTalk 107.1 fm. I obliged. So on Saturday morning I met her and her mom at Herbergers at Southdale.

photo by Hope Slusar of 107.1

photo by Hope Slusar of 107.1


Truly, I was not that nervous. Like I said, Ali is a very warm & charismatic person & her mom is the exact same way. They made me feel at ease. 

They asked me about myself. My inspirations, habits, photography equipment, gigs and more. They also asked about printing iPhone photos & I mentioned I had written this article just recently. It was an easy conversation that went by quickly.

It was a true honor to have a chance to hang out with Ali & Harmony on air. My husband and kids cheered when I walked in the door to our home after the interview.Those stinkers had been huddled on our bed next to the clock-radio listening to the interview! The boys were so excited that I had mentioned them. I also had a bunch of texts and emails and messages from family and friends.

Today I stopped at a client's house to drop off some art and the little boy said "I heard you on the radio yesterday!" Once again, what a small world!

Thanks so much Ali + Harmony and MyTalk 107.1 for having me!! It was a pleasure!





Comparing cameras and print sizes on the iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, and 6 plus vs the new 6S


When Apple announced their new iPhone, the 6S, was coming out, I didn't pay much attention. I already shoot with the 6 and it still feels new to me!

However, I was recently asked by the iPhonePhotography School to write an article on "How to Print iPhone Photos." I have to admit that I rushed over to my local Apple store and got my name on the waitlist for the new 6S the second I finished writing that article! I will share a link to the article when it publishes.

Why did I rush to the store? The phone has a camera that takes photos that are better. Fifty percent better! I sell prints of my iPhone photos. Some almost 4 four feet tall by four feet wide.. a better iPhone camera means a lot to me! 

I thought it might be useful to share this chart that compares the old camera found in the 4s, 5, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus versus the new camera found in the 6S and 6S Plus! 

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Cabin


A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Cabin

If you have read my past blog posts, then you already know that a few weeks ago I decided to take my boys on a spur-of-the-moment road trip. We went up to the North Shore of Minnesota, then down along the southern side of Lake Superior and through Upper Michigan and into Wisconsin until we reached the family cabin on the northeast side of Wisconsin. 

We visited places such as Gooseberry Falls State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, Park Point Rec Area in Duluth, Amnicon Falls State Park, Brule River State Forest and the Porcupine Mountain area.

It was a wonderful trip. The sort of trip you hope will give your kids memories for years to come. Skipping rocks, collecting rocks, hiking near waterfalls, singing silly songs, seeing all sorts of wildlife, rainy nights in hotel pools and all three of us accidentally falling asleep in the same bed nearly every night.

While we were traveling, I made a point to take us through the towns of Ironwood, MI and Hurley, WI. I remembered how beautiful the area was from countless ski trips up to that area growing up. I had seen the area many times in the winter, but never in the summer. 

While we were driving through Ironwood, MI, my son Arlo pointed out the window at a statue of a giant hat and said "Grandma Lynn!" Sure enough, it was a statue of a hat my mom wears all the time! A Stormy Kromer! How funny to pass right by that giant hat. I have always had a love for the brand: my dad is an avid outdoorsman of all types - hunting, fishing, skiing, etc. In fact, he grew up in a small town not too far from Ironwood, MI. He is a very practical outdoorsman who would never consider spending more than $30 on a pair of jeans (he has bought his jeans from Fleet Farm for as long as I can remember) and he has always had a Stormy on his head. I have heard him say many times that it is the best hat possible for ice fishing. Warm. Keeps the sun out. Easy to grab on and off. And most importantly, it allows you to cover your ears on an as-needed basis!

Anyways - my dad converted all of my family into Stormy lovers. My mom (and dad) volunteer at a humane society and spend 20-30 hours a week walking dogs. No matter what the weather is -  they walk for hours! My mom has at least 4 Stormy Kromers.

So, of course I pulled in and we bought our first and only souvenirs (besides rocks of course) of the trip! A round of new hats for all!

That night I stalked Stormy Kromer out on social media and found out they were looking for Brand Ambassadors! It seemed a bit fateful that I happened to pass through their hometown at just the right time. So I threw my name into the hat and a little while later I found out I was accepted as a Brand Ambassador!

I have turned down many offers from other companies to act as their rep. To be honest, I am not a big fan of advertising in social media. I try to use Instagram for art, not marketing. This was certainly the first time I asked a company to be their rep!  However, I am already taking photos of everyone in my family with these hats on so it seems logical - and exciting. 

It feels like a wonderful fit already. They don't have a big PR team asking for certain actions or making requirements. In fact, they haven't asked me to do a thing! The only thing they've done so far is offer me free clothes (SO EXCITED - their line is totally my style! I am ordering this poncho right after I write this!) and they sent me the most charming video from the CEO. He made a video specifically to talk to us reps - to tell us he is already proud to have us on the team. He seems so genuine. I am already feeling like I have just become part of a new little family.

I am truly bursting with excitement!  

I have visions of getting the company involved with my community organization, Minnstameets... We can do give-aways and photo-challenges! Who knows what else!? It seems like the possibilities are endless.

 I am also excited to challenge myself in my photography to try take the best possible creative photos for them! I am hoping they like my photos so much they use them for more than just their social media! I am excited to showcase the life of a midwesterner!

And, I have been looking for a few good bags for a long time -so I am hoping to pass on a few ideas on products as well! I have been envisioning the perfect photographer expedition day pack!

So here's to seeing what the next three months as a Stormy Brand Representative bring! Cheers!



PS:  All of the photos in this blog post were taken BEFORE I agreed to be a rep! Talk about a natural fit!


To read their post on the Ambassador program, click here!