Content Creator

About 6 months after I started my Instagram account, I was invited by the local NBC TV affiliate, Kare 11, to "cover" the Minnesota State Fair for a day. It was thrilling! I arrived at the Fair before sunrise and spent the entire day meeting attendees, employees and showcasing the multitude of activities (and fried food) unique to the Minnesota State Fair... 

 From that moment on I was hooked on creating lively, story-telling content! 

I regularly share my stories with my audience of over 100,000+ viewers through my blog, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. 

Soon after the State Fair, offers for similar jobs began to appear in my email inbox.

For the past three years I have continued to work as a Content Creator. I have worked with local companies as well as numerous tourism departments + resorts + travel brands.

This video, created by Wes Eisenhower, has been viewed on Facebook over 54,000 times! And yes - we really were having as much fun as it looks! 

Sometimes I am lucky enough to bring my family along! We feel very blessed to be making some incredible memories. 

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