In 2014, I started a project on Instagram by mailing my beloved photography prop - a rainbow umbrella - to a fellow photographer friend.

Soon after, more and more friends requested the umbrella. 

Two years later the umbrella has visited a multitude of countries and cities such as Malaysia, Australia, London, Rome, Ireland, New York, LA, Philly, Chicago and more.

WHY A TRAVELING BRELLA? This project is a fun way to physically link virtual friends who all share a love of art and photography. It makes me so happy to see a friend on the other side of the world holding up my umbrella! I might not be able to visit all of these people but my umbrella can!  It is also inspiring to see how other photographers use the same "prop."

It has been written about in various blogs, the Huffington PostBuddyTruk and Midwest Living Magazine

There is currently a waiting list for the umbrella - and several identical umbrellas that travel!  

READ THE STORIES: We have recently begun to interview some of the project participants. Click on their names to read their stories:

Hannah Argyle (@hannahargyle)

Ketty Benne (@ladykty)

Dan Fergus (@DanFergus)

Coco Galloway (@coco.loren)

Sunshine Joy Hedlund (@SunshineJoy76)

Jess Hoffert with Midwest Living Magazine (@jhoffert and @midwestlivingmag)

Jeff Kelley (@postaljeff)

Julie Oliver (@jul_of_minnesota)

Annie Ojile Nerone (@Scooteromatours)

Lori Striker (@smilesandsass)

Lily Sue (@lily_4_lily)

Pixie Sternquist (@pixstern) 

Matt Treiber (matt_treiber)

Debra Wasilewski (@dwazi_2)


You can also see more than 750 photos of the traveling umbrella on Instagram by using the hashtag: #shineonyoucrayumbrella or by clicking here.

SEE IT IN PERSON: In May 2016, "The Umbrella That Traveled The World" will have its own exhibition! The art will hang for three months at the Galleria of Edina as a part of the Art of Edina program.

There will be photos by myself (Jill Emmer) and over 20 other photographers around the world. There will also be 4 very large pieces created by local artists specifically for the show. Artists include: Chank Diesel, Shane Garron, Erin Sayer, Brandon Werth, Jennifer Davis and Drew Beson. To read more about the show, click here.

For inquiries, please email the umbrella at: TravelingBrella@gmail.com