The worst photo (possibly ever) from the State Fair

Hi! On Wednesday I spent the day at the fair working for WCCO TV. They wanted me to spend the day 'gramming live from the fair. Truly one of my most favorite days of the year! I decided that it would be fun to spend the day taking people's suggestions and interacting with the viewers through Instagram. 

Following the viewers' direction, I took photos of a cute couple with the rainbow umbrella, a silly scene at the 4H and a baby.

A few people requested I shoot some props... So I headed over to the midway and talked them in to giving me a unicorn. (That's why this is one of my favorite days. It is the perfect combination of high-spirited people willing to do fun things AND media credentials to giving me a reason to ask!)

I decided I would take the unicorn to meet one of the real prize horses at the fair so we headed over to the expo area... Unfortunately no one was there.

So there, under way too bright fluorescent lights, I walked out (yup, in sandals, through groomed cow sh*t) and gave Uni a chance to be a real horse - just for a minute. I even walked backwards to make only one set of footprints. It may be one of the worst shots I took that day - but it is also the one the makes me laugh the most!



Blue Prize R ibbon "Worst Photo of the Fair" 

Blue Prize Ribbon "Worst Photo of the Fair" 

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